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Shuba Salad

Shuba Salad

1. Prepare the vegetables for the salad: Boil the potatoes in their skins together with the carrots - about 40 minutes, cool and peel them. Boil the red beets in water for about 1 hour - cool and peel. Onions it is cleaned and washed.

2. Usually (it is not mandatory), shuba is made in elongated plates - that is, it repeats the shape of the fish somewhat. You can use any beautiful plate you have in the house.

3. The first layer of salad will be potatoes, which are given through medium grater. Usually a large potato, or 2 small ones, is enough.

4. Grease the potatoes well with mayonnaise. The fish fillet is cut into small cubes. Distribute the fish evenly over the potato layer with mayonnaise.

5. Finely chop the onion. Before putting it in the salad, you can rinse it with hot water to take it quickly. Spread the onion over the fish. Grease this layer with a little mayonnaise.

6. Grate the carrot over the onion (1-2 depending on the size). Grease well with mayonnaise.

7. Place the grated beets over the carrots. It is uniform and greased well with mayonnaise.

8. Wipe the plate on the edges and garnish with various things - greens, carrot flower, onion, egg yolk, etc.

So as variations of the salad can be the respective combination: potatoes + fish + onion + apple + carrot + beet

Or: fish + onion + potatoes + carrots + beets

Good appetite!


Russia has a rich and colorful cuisine. Traditional recipes have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The apparent simplicity of the dishes, however, hides behind it a true work of culinary art.

Foreigners are fascinated by what traditional Russian meals generously offer, which make you feel at home.
Despite foreign influences, Russian cuisine has retained its authenticity and connection with the country's land, with pies, pancakes, soups, bread, fish or mushrooms being prepared now as it was hundreds of years ago.

To the Russian cuisine we owe the juicy recipe of Stroganoff veal, soaked in thick cream sauce.

Skiing, soup cooked in the oven with meat, fish, sausages, cabbage or mushrooms, is one of the favorites of the Russians and not only theirs.

Shuba salad is preferred for the holidays, a mixture of fish, carrots, beets and lots of mayonnaise.
Pelmeni are Siberian meatballs, brought to Russia by the Mongols, made from minced meat, lots of onions and spices.
Pancakes, although they seem to be French delicacies, have ancient origins in Russia. They are called blini and even before Easter, the Olive week is celebrated - the week of pancakes.

Boil potatoes, carrots, beets. The eggs will be boiled hard.

Of course, beets can also be cooked or boiled vacuum.

The fish will be finely chopped, as will the onions. The other ingredients can be given on the grater.

To make it sit better, I prefer to mix the fish with the onion, but it is a deviation from the classic recipe, in which each ingredient has its own separate layer.

Also, if the beets are too watery, keep them in a strainer for a few minutes.

And if the onion looks too hot, in hot water.

Salad recipe goes up

This salad has its origins in Russian cuisine, where it is known as Seledka pod Shuboj. The ingredients you need to prepare it are the following:

- 1 bunch of green onions

To prepare the salad suba, you need to follow a few steps:

Boil the potatoes, carrots and beets in their skins, then leave them to cool so that they can be cleaned more easily. Meanwhile, slice the herring in brine and finely chop the onion.

Grate the potato and form a pile of the resulting pieces. Arrange everything on a flat plate and add a layer of mayonnaise.

Next are the pieces of salted herring, followed by chopped green onions and a layer of grated carrots.

Model everything in the form of a layered mound. Next, add another layer of mayonnaise, then the grated beets and, finally, the last layer of mayonnaise.

When ready, the salad should stay for 2 hours at room temperature, so that the vegetable flavors and fish taste combine. Overnight, put the lettuce in the fridge, cold. The next day, it can be served as an appetizer or, why not, as a main dish, given that it has a complex composition.

If telling you about salad salad we managed to convince you to prepare it, find out then that Russian cuisine is full of tasty recipes, such as Russian salad!

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What ingredients do we use for lettuce, Russian salad with smoked fish and beets?

  • 500 g potatoes
  • 1-2 carrots
  • 1 beetroot
  • 1-2 pieces of smoked mackerel
  • 300 g mayonnaise
  • salt
  • pepper

How do I prepare a salad?

Boil all the vegetables, then clean them. Potatoes and beets are tastier if boiled in their skins, they do not lose all nutrients.

We prepare a plate, and on it we will grate, in turn, each vegetable.

First we grate the boiled potatoes, then we add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper, as we take with two fingers.

After that, grate the boiled potatoes and carrots and the boiled beetroot, adding salt and pepper over each layer of boiled vegetables to give it a taste.

Over these we add the smoked fish, I preferred to use mackerel, which I broke into small pieces.

Over the smoked fish layer add another grated boiled potato.

At the end, add mayonnaise on top, for decoration, pour it nicely, then we can add green parsley, a few slices of carrot or boiled egg white, to taste.

Mayonnaise I did it at home. I do it fast, in 5 minutes it's ready and it never cuts.

Gina's advice

-In this recipe you can also use salted fish, marinated, canned tuna, smoked or marinated salmon, catfish or carp, siliotka (marinated mackerel).

Normally, SILIOTKA - SALTED, MARINATED ASH is used in this recipe. But if we don't have it, we improvise and use any marinated or smoked fish.

-For a finer taste, mayonnaise can be mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt.

-When you put the vegetables to boil, add as much salt as you can with 3 fingers and a pinch of hot pepper. They will have a fantastic flavor.

Good appetite and increase in tasty and healthy cooking.

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Shuba - Russian salad with smoked herring

Shuba or layered Russian salad is a very good-looking and effective salad, especially when you have to prepare a meal for guests. It looks great in section and, even if it is mounted in layers, they will combine perfectly when served.

The star of this salad is beets mixed with mayonnaise, which forms the last layer and gives it a special color. Very popular in Eastern cuisine, shuba or smoked herring salad is increasingly appreciated elsewhere.

  • 700 g smoked herring
  • 2 small beets
  • 2 potatoes
  • 3 carrots
  • 3 eggs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 250 g mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons mustard
  • 2 onions

Boil, in separate dishes, beets, potatoes, carrots and eggs. When the vegetables have boiled and cooled completely, cut them into cubes or put them through a large grater.

Finely chop the onion and cut the eggs into cubes. Mix two tablespoons of beets with two tablespoons of mayonnaise to get that colorful mayonnaise. Mix the rest of the mayonnaise with the mustard and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Next, all you have to do is mount the salad in layers. Choose a transparent, yena tray, if you have one.

Put a layer of potatoes, then mayonnaise, a layer of smoked herring, mayonnaise, onions, mayonnaise, carrots, mayonnaise, eggs, mayonnaise and beets. At the end, decorate with colored mayonnaise.

Leave the salad in the fridge for two hours before serving. Good appetite!

You have to see it too.

Recipes for Russian salads are not missing on the holiday table

We offer you the recipes of two traditional Russian salads, popular during the winter holidays: olive and shuba

BUCHAREST, Nov. 27 - Sputnik. We present here two Russian salads, dishes not missing on the table for the winter holidays in Russia and the republics of the former Soviet space.

Olivier salad - Russian salad, invented by a Frenchman

Olivier salad is very popular in Russia, as well as in the former Soviet republics, which can not be missed on any holiday table, especially on New Year's Eve. The salad takes its name from the French chef Lucien Olivier, who owned the French restaurant "Hermitage" in Moscow in the 1960s. In the West, lettuce is also known as "Russian salad". The earliest written mention of a "Olivier" salad recipe dates back to 1894, in the "Nasha Pisha" magazine.

Unfortunately, the original salad recipe was always kept secret by its author, who preferred to take this information with him to the grave. However, in 1904, some chefs managed to restore the original version of the salad, finding out what ingredient the author used. Once for the Soviet people the ingredients of the original recipe were a luxury, in the USSR other versions of the salad were invented, in which expensive or rare ingredients were replaced with products accessible to any Soviet citizen. It was this "economic" version that remained in the memory of the citizens of the former Soviet republics.

Thus, in the classic recipe are used the following ingredients: boiled potatoes (4 pieces), boiled carrots (2 pieces), Parisian Doktorskaia (500 gr), well-boiled eggs (4 pieces), pickled or marinated cucumbers (4 pieces), green peas canned, mayonnaise, salt, black pepper.

Shuba - salted herring, "dressed in fur"

Shuba salad became very popular in the USSR in the 1970s. From Russian, "shuba" translates to "fur coat". I mean, it's the "coat" in which the salted herring is dressed. According to a legend, the salad was invented in 1918 by Anastas Bogomilov, who had a network of taverns in Moscow. According to one version, the name of the salad comes from the abbreviation of the slogan: Shovinizmul i Upadku - boycott i Anafema ("Chauvinism and Decadence - Boycott and Anathema").

The following ingredients are used for the salad: salted herring fillet (450 grams), onion (1 piece), boiled potatoes (3 pieces), boiled carrot (3 pieces), 3 well-boiled eggs, boiled beets, mayonnaise.

The salted herring fillet is cut into medium pieces and spread on a plate. Sprinkle finely chopped onion on top and grease with mayonnaise. The next layer consists of potatoes passed through a grater, and on top it is greased again with mayonnaise. The third layer consists of boiled carrots, passed through a grater. The fourth layer is made of beetroot, passed through a grater, and on top it is greased again with mayonnaise. So, four layers are obtained: salted herring, potatoes, carrots, beets. In some recipes, salted herring is replaced with smoked fish.


Vinegret is another very popular Russian salad for the winter holidays. The name comes from the French vinaigrette, wine vinegar sauce. Some historians claim that the salad was borrowed from Germany or the Scandinavian countries in the 19th century, being adapted to Russian culture.

The following ingredients are used to prepare Vinegret salad: potatoes, carrots, beets, sauerkraut, pickled or marinated cucumbers, canned green peas, onions, oil, salt, pepper. Boil the potatoes, carrots and beets and cut into cubes. Add chopped sauerkraut, diced pickled cucumbers, finely chopped peas and onions, oil, salt and pepper - to taste. In order not to allow all the ingredients to turn red, the beets are cut first and mixed with oil separately from the other ingredients.

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